Hindu Wedding Rituals -2

The Hindu marriage ceremony begins with exchange of flower garlands (also known as the jaimala ceremony or var mala ceremony) between the bride and the groom. It is an significant ritual of the hindu wedding and has been followed since Vedic area. This ritual takes place once the groom reaches the birde’s house along with the barat. The groom is welcome by the bride’s mother on the doorstep. She applies tilak on her forehead and bless him.

There is a small tussle between the bride,  groom and their friends as part of the ritual. The tussle is that groom’s friends prevented the bride to put garland around his neck. The bride is supposed to garland the groom somehow. In this process, bride’s friends can also help her. Once this ceremony is performed, both bride and groom are taken to the mandap where another ritual called the ‘Kanyadaan’ is performed. ‘Kanyadaan’ means to donate the virgin. As the name says, the brides’ father gives away his precious daughter to the groom for marriage.  However the groom has to promise that he will help his wife in achieving in three important life goals: kama, artha and dharma.  This ritual is performed along with the sacred chants performed by the priest.  It is considered to be the most significant ritual among all other wedding rituals.

Source:  http://www.eventeducation.com/

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